We are thrilled to announce that our 2018 Summer IELTS program was executed to perfection. Our amazing team ensured that participants were well cared for, from start till the very end of the two-week program.



Our IELTS program is specifically geared to help international students that experience some difficulty in English language. We designed this program with a two-fold benefit in mind:

  • Students are given intensive lessons as well as tested tips & tricks by expert mentors.

  • The camp is held in Canada, giving students the chance to see a new country experience its culture and lifestyle mingle with local students and faculty to better understand the North American educational structure. This exercise is intended to help children and parents make informed decisions about the former’s future educational endeavors abroad.


We have partnered with a prestigious private school in Toronto, Canada where the IELTS classes are held. IELTS Experts are hired to conduct classes and provide guidance to students for all modules of the test. We boast small class sizes that ensure that each student receives individual attention from the mentor and has ample opportunities to ask questions. Our participants have repeatedly reported improvements in their test-taking ability as well as increased confidence in their interactions in social settings.


Beyond the IELTS lessons, we include various outdoor activities, sightseeing tours so that participants can visit all prime tourist hotspots, meals at some of the favorite local eateries, and retail therapy at prime malls/outlets. Some of the destinations visited by our group were Niagara Falls, CN Tower, University of Toronto, City Hall, and Lake Ontario.


We take safety very seriously and pride ourselves in providing a safe and secure environment for all participants of our programs. We also take utmost care when deciding on lodging for our participants, to provide them with a comfortable stay throughout the program duration. Transportation arrangements are made for all local travel within Canada. Our team works diligently to ensure that the camp is run smoothly, and all attendee concerns are addressed appropriately.


In a nutshell,

Another season, another successful IGHE program!