Among the various exciting events of 2018 thus far, one key highlight is IGHE’s business trip to India. India is well-known for the potential of its resources, both natural and human. Indians have been moving to different countries and successfully assimilating around the world. Our partners in North America, being well aware of the statistics, have expressed an interest in working with Indian organizations to expand their global impact.



Our current focus for the Indian audience is Education, Technology, and Finance. After the launch and success of our education programs in China, we want to extend them in India, providing students of all age-groups with the chance to travel to North America (U.S., Canada) and be a part of our exclusive and carefully designed programs. Furthermore, we are working with prominent North American organizations that specialize in Finance and Accounting courses and certifications, to expand their offerings to Indian students, professionals and companies. We are also collaborating with several universities to offer guidance and support to Indian students seeking to pursue higher education in U.S, or Canada.

Subsequent to our initial conversations with folks in India, we felt it would be beneficial for us to travel there to meet with our virtual connections in-person, understand their areas of expertise, and determine how their roles would align with IGHE’s work model. For our very first visit to India, we decided to hit the major metropolitan cities to get a fair representation of the academic and professional environments. Our itinerary included:

Delhi → Gurgaon → Udaipur → Mumbai → Bangalore

We were fortunate to meet some of biggest names in the Chartered Accountant world (former ICAI presidents, presidents of Accounting & Finance colleges, CEO’s and directors of famed CA institutes), speak at-length about the current trends in the Indian CA industry, as well as understand existing issues and the needs of students, professionals and organizations. This was an important exercise for us to determine current gaps and work towards solutions that we can offer for the same. We also met up with tech-Gurus from several fields, including Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Artificial Intelligence. This was a great experience since it helped us exchange information and ideas with the CEO’s of some interesting Indian start-ups. We met with educators to understand the current travel-to-learn opportunities available to Indian students and how IGHE can offer unique programs within this genre.

Overall, IGHE’s maiden voyage to India was a great success in all aspects. We were able gain a first-hand insight into the current resources, teaching methodologies, and infrastructure available for Accounting students. We have analyzed these factors to come up with suitable proposals for our North American partners that will result in a symbiotic relationship between them and the Indian audience. We also have a greater understanding of the educational tour sector of education as well as how IGHE can create a niche in the same.


We are excited to see our brand expand in India and watch relations blossom with our Indian counterparts!