Today’s era is marked by a massive boom in cutting-edge technology, a prominent one being the rise of drone technology. The application of drones is far-reaching, significantly impacting a wide array of fields. The International Juvenile Drone Competition is aimed at cultivating scientific literacy in young minds, improving the youth’s spirit of innovation, expanding their international perspective and awareness, as well as promoting the exchange of scientific and technological innovation and education. Participating in the International Juvenile Drone Competition is a great opportunity for symbiotic learning and communication between Canadian and International students.


IGHE partnered with a prestigious Canadian private school to host the 2018 Summer Youth Drone Program. We are proud to add that the renowned International Drone Association for the Youth (iDAY) and the Center for Aerial Robotics Research & Education (CARRE) at the University of Toronto are the co-sponsors for this program.


About IGHE

Founded in 2017 in Delaware, U.S., IGHE is committed to providing products/services for students of all ages, parents and adults who are interested in international high-quality education overseas. We specialize in professional qualification examination training courses, training courses for leading enterprises of famous schools, various other courses for overseas students. Our vision, via our offerings of industry conference course, parent-child visits, and other professional development and special life experience subjects, is to achieve education without borders. Up to now, we have successfully organized several Educational Camps in Canada, which have been praised and recognized by students and parents alike.


Our Co-organizers

  • iDAY: It is a non-profit organization whose goal is to raise awareness about Science and Technology among today’s youth, so that they may advance intellectually through educational activities in the emerging field of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles). Through their participation set-up, they aim to integrate new technologies into social development as participants work in teams. The activities include annual International Youth Drone Competitions, training camps, summer camps, university tours, and immersive workshops, etc. In the long run, the Association also promotes education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), encourages young people to acquire higher knowledge, sharper skills, keener abilities, and make an overall positive impact on their close circles and society as a whole.

  • CARRE: This college aims to expand and unify research and teaching activities related to the emerging field of aerial robotics. At CARRE, the teaching goal is to develop new technologies, train talents, and teach advanced research results to Canadian Aero Robotics.

  • Century Private School: Since its was founded, over two decades ago, the school has been adhering to the mission of providing students with a safe and caring learning environment. The school follows Montessori teaching methodology, boasts small classes, and an immersive curriculum to provide students with the highest quality education.


The ‘Drone Building’ Experience

Mentors from the CARRE, University of Toronto, will conduct this 10-day extensive workshop. Students will be taught about robotics and the science behind drones as well as receive training to build their own drones. In addition to constructing drones, students attended Public Speaking and Debating classes on alternate days. Swimming classes were included in the schedule to provide students with a fun, outdoor activity and relaxation from the daily lessons.


On weekends, participants were taken on sightseeing tours to all tourist hotspots, including Niagara Falls, CN Tower, University of Toronto, and Toronto downtown. They were given several food options, depending on preference, to try out some of the popular local eateries of Toronto. We also arranged for some home-cooked meals, where parents came together to prepare a healthy, wholesome meal for the entire group.


On completion of the drone training, all students received a certificate issued by iDAY and CARRE. There was also a (friendly) competition among the teams to select the children who built the best drones.


The workshop concluded on a successful and positive note. The participants were excited to learn about Robotics and also to construct drones. The entire team worked meticulously to ensure smooth execution of the camp. IGHE is proud of everyone who joined in to make this camp a big success and we look forward to organizing several more camps for international students in the future.

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