An exciting program for children to explore Sunny California.


IGHE’s vision is to enable everyone to fulfill their educational aspirations without borders. To attain this, IGHE has designed a special program that parents can share with their children, enabling them to travel together to Sunny California and enjoy the best it has to offer. At the same time, children will spend time at a prestigious private school with local students and teachers, giving them an authentic feel of the educational environment and lifestyle in the United States.


Program Highlights

  • Safety is our number one priority: IGHE has dedicated teachers and staff providing round-the-clock service for parents and children to ensure group safety during the entire trip. Our staff work tirelessly to resolve any issues and provide a secure and comfortable environment.
  • Speak English like a native: Students will be enjoy a unique learning experience, providing immersive interaction with local teachers and students, which acts as a catalyst for language and personality development.
  • Develop independence and team spirit: Our program is designed to take children out of their comfort zone. Children are exposed to new surroundings, new people, new food, and new circumstances. The program is designed to promote independence, patience, leadership, and tolerance.
  • Expand your horizons: Participating in an International education program will enable children to experience a completely new environment, culture and lifestyle. Through integration with a diverse community, they will gain valuable insights to the American way of life.


Sightseeing & Tours

Participants will visit all the hottest tourist destinations in Southern California as part of our Camp. Our well-planned schedule covers tours to Hollywood, the Dolby and Chinese theaters, Universal Studios, Santa Monica, Disneyland and Rodeo Drive, to name a few.

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