Workshop for folks interested in enhancing their communication skills.


The H2H (Human To Human) Program is an exciting program that caters to all individuals seeking to improve their overall impact on audience they face in their day-to-day lives by igniting their listeners’ interest, understanding their audience’s emotions and gauging their attention.
It aims for a holistic approach to communication enhancement by targeting factors such as speech rate, pitch volume, gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, and appearance. Attendees will understand the difference between public speaking and conversation, so they can apply the correct strategies to come across as great conversationalists in both personal and public scenarios.


H2H Communication Mentor

Joseph Kim is the co-founder of H2H Communication and is also the creator of the Power 7 Non-Verbal Assessment System.  He is a Harvard Business School Alum and also holds a PhD in Psychology from Arizona State University. He is the author of ‘The Power 7:Raising Your Internal’.


Program Highlights

Key highlights of the program include:
  • The workshop will systematically guide participants on how to use the Seven-Force Model to skillfully transform into 7 body language elements, which will greatly increase the efficiency of your communication.
  • A unique Seven-Force Model scorecard and video feedback from personal monitoring are used to give participants a clear picture of their initial non-verbal standing and their progress after the H2H training.
  • The workshop will be conducted in English. This will benefit attendees, especially those who do not converse in English on a regular basis, to cover the gap between their English-speaking ability and body language.


Sightseeing & Tours

Jeju Island in South Korea, also known as the “Korea Hawaii”, attracts tourists from around the world. It is a paradise for nature lovers, boasting interesting rock formations, pristine beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, and beautiful coastal trails. Our Program includes visits to some of the most popular tourist destinations, including Hallasan National Park, Seongsan Sunrise Peak, Yi Cai Beach, Columnar Joints, and Longtouyan.

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