An immersive bootcamp to prepare students to ace the IELTS.


IGHE invites you to be a part of our novel technique of an intensive IELTS preparatory program while you explore the beautiful and high-tech Canadian city of Toronto. We have customized this camp so that students can learn all the modules of IELTS from native Language teachers as well as experience the Canadian culture first-hand, all at the same time. With travel being such a huge part of our lives these days, this program adds the beauty of combining that with an educational program that will enhance the students’ knowledge and ability to ace the IELTS as they spend two glorious weeks in North America.


Program Highlights

  • IELTS Skill Training: We believe in interactive teaching methodology, where students are active, connected with each other students/teacher and enthusiastic, since learning simply cannot be dull and boring!
  • Well-curated Lectures: Each IELTS module is covered in great detail with extensive exercises to help increase the confidence and comfort of students while dealing with the questions on the actual test. Instructors will give students their tried-and-tested strategies required to master each section of the test.
  • Practice Tests: Students will take practice tests, both before and after the program, to gauge their improvement over the course of the two weeks.
  • Optional 3 Week Trip: In order to cater for the students who have plenty of time during the holiday season, we have arranged a 3-week “luxury extension” program to maintain the above two-week schedule with an additional week to give students more time to review and consolidate their knowledge.


Program Benefits

  • Latest Teaching Materials and Trends: Through consistent coordination with Canadian faculty, we closely track the IELTS test requirements, trends and grading standards. This helps us in updating our teaching material to provide our students with the latest and most accurate syllabus/information to ace the IELTS test.
  • Small Classroom Size for Optimum Student Performance: The camp is organized in an established school within a typical North American classroom setting. Class sizes are kept small (about 7-10 students) so that instructors can give complete attention to each student.
  • Fool-proof Test-taking Strategies: Instructors will teach students their tried and tested tips/strategies to enable them to perform their very best while taking the final test, and get their desired scores.


Extracurricular Cultural Exchange

Beyond the rigorous IELTS training, students will enjoy several after-class sightseeing tours to famous attractions in Toronto, get a taste of authentic foods and bask in the Canadian sun. They will be able to mingle with Canadian locals, learn about their culture and heritage, and form lifelong friendships.

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