Exciting learning opportunity for the entire family to participate.


Do you want to improve your child’s self-confidence?
Do you want to build your child’s independence?
Do you want your child to become more aware of the world?
Do you want your child to be the best they can be?

IGHE can help you

Bring your child on this amazing journey!


Program Introduction

Acceptance into top schools and companies is becoming more and more competitive since they seek well-rounded individuals who are independent, cultured, responsible, and resourceful. IGHE’s Summer Family Program is designed to create an experience rich in intellectual and cultural learning for international students as well as their family members.


Program Highlights

IGHE focuses on providing the very best experience to participants, and we have partnered with one of the most prestigious private schools in Canada that utilizes the Montessori method of education. Some of the most well-known Montessori alumni include Prince William (Duke of Cambridge) and Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon). 


Key highlights of the program include:
  • IGHE has dedicated teachers and staff providing round-the-clock service for parents and children to ensure group safety during the entire trip. Our staff work tirelessly to resolve any issues and provide a secure and comfortable environment.
  • Interactive teaching methodology to encourage students to intermingle with North American students. ​
  • Native English-speaking teachers to provide an authentic learning experience. ​​
  • Visits to top-tier universities and interaction with faculty to evaluate the academic environment of elite Western schools.
  • Visits to popular tourist attractions and landmarks to gain first-hand experience of Canada’s rich history and culture.
  • Certificates of Completion and Recommendation Letters from the school principal on program completion.


Teaching Methodology:
Prior to the start of the educational program, we will conduct tests to determine each child’s English proficiency. This is a language immersion experience, with the aim of enabling students to express and present their ideas confidently in English. This course is designed to stimulate the child’s passion for English, as well as provide them a rich cultural experience as they share a summer with local students in Toronto.


Sightseeing & Tours

Parents and children will have the opportunity to experience the best Canada has to offer as part of the Family Summer Program. Our well-designed activities include visits to the finest attractions in the region of natural, cultural, educational, and historical significance, providing a complete, authentic experience of western lifestyle and culture.

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