Gain hands-on experience in the art of filmmaking from industry experts.


Our hands-on filmmaking and acting programs host an ever-increasing number of students who wish to experience living and learning in China, where the media industry is developing exponentially. These programs focus on rigorous, hands-on, project-based learning under the mentorship of some of the industry’s most seasoned professionals. All camps will be conducted in English.
Participants will learn from veteran, professional filmmaking gurus and acting instructors. Along with this, students will live and interact with other students from around the globe. They will work in teams to create films and products, working in with state-of-the-art technology as well as exceptional locations.
Through our programs, we encourage participants to become immersed in Chinese culture while they learn the art of film creation. Students will be mentored on acting, film and filmmaking, TV and media production, theater and visual arts. There are also sightseeing tours added to the regular camp schedule.


Program Highlights

  • Learn from award-winning and internationally recognized connoisseurs of the film industry.
  • Get the chance to create and produce your own film or act in front of the camera!
  • Take part in a totally immersive and intensive film or acting for film workshop.
  • Build lifetime friendships with students in China and from across the world.
  • Interact with locals while organizing your production.

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