There is an ever-increasing community of people that are shifting priorities from mundane everyday life to travel around the world to experience exotic cultures and lifestyles. International travel has boosted exchange of different cultural practices between different countries. One prime example is the adoption of the practice of Yoga and Meditation (that originated in India) by people all across the globe. With international borders becoming blurry as inter-communications continues to increase, it only makes sense that children are acclimatized to foreign countries and all they have to offer.


We design programs for students of all age groups and interests. A primary focus for IGHE is to provide international travel opportunities to students through educational camps in North America. For this, we have partnered with prestigious private schools in Toronto, Canada and Southern California, USA. We have also partnered with North American universities to aid international students who are interested in pursuing various diploma/degree programs in either Canada or the U.S. For some of our programs, especially the ones for younger participants (ages 6-14), we invite parents to join their children for the camp and experience a foreign land together. The carefully tailored programs consist of classroom teaching by local faculty, extra-curricular activities and competitions, as well as visits to major tourist attractions. There are activities and tours arranged for parents to keep them occupied while the children attend the camp classes.


Another key concern for us if ensuring complete safety and security for all our participants at all times. Our team is well-trained to provide a safe environment to all attendees throughout the camp duration. We take this responsibility very seriously and do our very best to exceed customer expectations. From transportation, to comfortable lodging, to vigilance during sightseeing tours, we have it all covered from end-to-end.


Through our initiatives, we hope to provide our participants with a well-rounded, first-hand experience of North American educational structure and teaching methodology, local folks and cuisines, the climate and surroundings, as well as native culture and tourist hotspots. This exposure will not only provide the participants with an enriching Summer experience in a new place, but also help them make better decisions about migrating to North America in the future for academic and long-terms endeavors.

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