About IGHE

Define your own dreams and path in life – IGHE opens an exciting world of possibilities and opportunities.


IGHE is led by two serial entrepreneurs with extensive experience building and operating educational programs for all age groups and organizations of all sizes. It was founded with the aim to provide high-impact products and services for global audiences.


Mei Long


Prior to starting IGHE, Mei held senior positions in many high-profile technology startups. She played an instrumental role on the teams that contributed to the Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Kubernetes projects, and was responsible for deploying solutions in several commercial cloud computing environments including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Mei has been a leader in the Open Source Software (OSS) and Big Data communities for over a decade.


Rubal Atwal

Senior BD Manager, IGHE

Rubal Atwal is an upbeat, self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills. Prior to joining IGHE, she worked for several major US corporations, focusing on key projects for Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication and Biotechnology in the IT industry. She has a track record of successful project deployments at her former employers. She worked on projects such as iCLOSE (Integration Commercial Loan Origination System Enterprise), LAP (Lead Attribution Project), and a legacy system migration.

IGHE offers  programs that enable students to realize the full potential of globalized learning and transform traditional classroom environment into a career accelerator.


Our programs are carefully designed to provide opportunities for students of all ages and academic focus.